What is the Seattle Attic?

The Seattle Attic Community Workshop is a feminist space for people of all genders, where we make our world into a place that fits us better. Our art brings us joy; our hacking improves our tools; our crafts make our physical world beautiful and functional. Some of us work in the space between art, craft, and technology. Others hone and share skills they have practiced for decades, from knitting and spinning yarn to hacking hardware and software to building and repairing machines. Through all of this, we connect with and encourage each other. By sharing space, equipment, knowledge, and skills, we do more together than we can apart.

We are artisans and programmers, technical writers and creators of transformative works, craftswomen and hackers, parents and children. We break machines and ideas so we can dissect them, improve them, and rebuild them. We know we can develop the skills to change our surroundings. We come together to become a community that can do just that! We respect each other and the skills, interests, identities, and experiences we bring. We help each other work safely. We value traditionally feminine and traditionally masculine skills as practiced by anyone. We encourage women's leadership skills. We do our best to maintain an explicitly intersectional feminist space that welcomes members and guests of all genders, racial and cultural backgrounds, and levels of ability.

History of the Seattle Attic

The Seattle Attic Community Workshop was founded in early 2013 by six women who were looking for a safe, welcoming makerspace for women in Seattle. Not finding what they were looking for, they got together, wrote the code of conduct, and started the world's first feminist makerspace in May 2013. In the three years since then we have official become a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit, grown out of our initial Pioneer Building location, and moved to a larger space in the Prudential Building by the sound.

Governance and Decision Making


Policies and major decisions for the Seattle Attic are made, discussed, and voted on by members during monthly operations meetings. Officers are also elected by the general membership. All Attic members have voting rights and can participate and vote in person or via our online e-mail lists and community.

Officers and Board of Directors

The Seattle Attic has five officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Operations Manager, and Communications Manager), member volunteers who maintain the major components of the Seattle Attic. At least three member volunteers also serve as members of the board of directors, which oversees the long term goals of the Attic. All Attic members, regardless of length of membership and experience, are eligible and encouraged to volunteer as an officer and/or board member.

Policies and Documents

For general space policies and questions, please see our FAQ and Code of Conduct.

Our Bylaws (Google Docs link) and Code of Conduct are the governing documents of the Attic. As it's part of our mission to help others create safe, welcoming makerspaces, both of these documents are shared under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license; please feel free to use, modify, and share them and let us know if you have any questions. However, please note that since we're not lawyers we are not able to offer legal advice.

Seattle Attic in the Press

Here are some articles that the Attic has been mentioned in:

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