Colette Isabella Taylor, President

Colette defines herself as an obligate Maker, like if she stops making things she will cease to exist. Her goal with the Seattle Attic is to continue the tradition of openness and passionate spirit which has been for so long its goal, and with that she is beginning a new chapter of her life along with The Attic. She has been a Master Beekeeper, Molecular Biologist, Software Developer and enthusiastic adapter. So don't expect to leave her presence without some stories.

     Natasha Crouch, BOD

Natasha Crouch began, as most people do, as a highly energetic quark soup immediately after the Big Bang. After some time spent as Hydrogen and Helium she joined a stellar mass. Though her current form is formed of more complex elements these days, she shines no less brightly. 
As a relatively functional human, she has dug her hands into sex & relationship education, mixed media art work, woodworking, poetry and anything she can get her hands on that allows for the expression of some component of her self.