We at the Seattle Attic form a vibrant and supportive community of hackers and makers. We're looking for new members who want to build this community with us and who support our goals of creating a diverse makerspace community built on openness and respect.

Membership Benefits

Members of the Seattle Attic...

  • have 24/7 access to our workshop/co-working space
  • have a personal storage cubby in the space (13"x13"x15")
  • can use of any of the equipment and tools in the space
  • have borrowing privileges for our library
  • have voting rights at our quarterly operations meetings
  • may participate in our members-only Slack community
  • may attend members-only events
  • may create and host events at the Attic

All Seattle Attic members have unrestricted access to the Attic's equipment and tools for no additional fees. We do ask that both members and guests pay a small restocking fee for consumable supplies (plastic for 3D printing, for example).

Membership Costs

Our standard membership dues are $50 per month. Half-cost ($25/mo) and fully subsidized ($0/mo) memberships are available thanks to our scholarship fund. It is important to us that finances should not be the hurdle that prevents someone from joining our community.